Benefits of Healthy Eating Habits for Teenagers!

Eating right at this time is like building up insurance for later. Even though the results might not show instantly, benefits of healthy eating habits in teenagers go a long way in ensuring a long and healthy life.

Here are some of the benefits of healthy eating habits:

 Helps Watch Weight Gain

Teenagers are vulnerable and often fall prey to the tricks of advertisements. They confuse junk food and quick snacks that contain empty calories with real food. While it fills your tummy, it provides no nutritional value and eventually just adds to body weight. Healthy snacks on the other hand help maintain good body weight and provide sufficient calories and nutrients.

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More Energy To Do More

Teenage is a time when kids are juggling multiple activities in a day. This leads to an additional requirement of energy in the body. Improved food choices lead to improved energy levels. Replace soda and canned fruits with coconut water, pure fruit energy and healthy snacks.

Better Grades At School

Eating meals on time and supplementing the diet with fruits and dry fruits will result in a healthy body and an active mind. This will ensure they don’t feel fatigued and concentrate better while studying.

Helps You Grow

What you eat determines how you grow and its important to provide the growing teen bodies the right fuel. The nutrients required to grow well are protein, iron, calcium and zinc and they can be obtained from eating lean red meat, poultry, fish, beans, green vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

Stronger Bones and Muscles

A high vitamin and mineral rich diet ensure that all nutrients aren’t being utilized only for maintaining body growth during teenage years but are also being added to the future reserve. With healthy eating habits, teens are eliminating the risk of developing bone and muscle diseases.

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A Fighter of an Immune System

A healthy immune system goes a long way in protecting from minor and severe diseases. Consuming vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables provides antioxidants that maintain healthy cells and builds a strong immune system. Benefits of fruits, especially citrus fruits keep the body hydrated and protected against infections.

Say No to Mood Swings

Teenage is a period of physical and mental transition and emotional growth. In order to counter the ill effects of the proverbial ‘teen mood swings’, one must inculcate healthy eating habits, and that starts with a healthy diet that includes foods like nuts, citrus fruits, fish, dark chocolate and healthy carbs in the daily meal plan.


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